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  • The RiteBed® was developed with over 50 years combined mattress expertise, as an alternative to the endless sea of mattresses that often just confuse consumers when visiting a retail store. It’s uniquely crafted 1 of 2 ways, as an all foam mattress or a hybrid mattress which utilizes pocketed springs. The RiteBed® is produced using the highest quality components found in the mattress industry today. It’s designed to accommodate the majority of the population and every sleeping position with a feel that isn’t to firm or to soft but rather JustRite™
  • Throw out everything you think you know about buying a mattress because we’re about to tell you the truth. One reason mattresses cost so much today is because many of the name brand manufactures are publicly traded [NYSE] and their stock holders care more about profit margins and bottom lines than making a quality mattress at a fair price. They have to inflate their margins to show high profits to their stock holders. On top of that they’re selling those to a retailer who must mark the product up again in order to make a profit for their business. Now depending on the retailer this could be as much as 3 times what they pay the manufacture for the mattress. The RiteBed® is a direct to consumer mattress that ships straight from the factory to your door. This eliminates share holders, corporate boards, the need for high profit margins and retailers who have to pay for a store front. This allows us to produce, sell and ship The RiteBed® with the highest quality components at a fraction of the price!
  • The RiteBed® is stuffed in a box and shipped “Rite” to your door. It should arrive within 2-5 business days from the day your order is placed.
  • Unfortunately we are unable to ship outside the lower 48 United States at this time. We hope to ship everywhere including outer space soon!
  • To us The RiteBed® and The RiteBed® Hybrid both feel like a dream, but we give you 120 nights to sleep on it and if you disagree get 100% of your money back.
  • No special base is required. However, what The RiteBed® sits on can ultimately affect the lifespan and performance of the mattress.  We recommend a Platform Bed, New Standard Foundation, Adjustable Foundation or the Cold Hard Floor but any solid support system without any flex will suffice.
  • The RiteBed® is 11 inches and The RiteBed® Hybrid is 12 inches of sleep goodness stuffed into a box.
  • Our amazing 120 night In-home Sleep-trial offers you 4 months from the date of purchase to fall in love with sleep again!  At any time during that 120 nights, if you are not satisfied with The RiteBed® we will refund 100% of your money.  We recommend keeping the mattress for at least 30 days to give your body time to adjust to the unique feel of The RiteBed® and proper sleeping posture.
  • We don’t offer white glove delivery to SAVE you money.  Our goal is to provide you with Better Health Thru Better Sleep™ at an affordable price.  In an effort to keep costs down we compress The RiteBed® and stuff into a box small enough to be delivered by FedEx or UPS.  This allows us to deliver a superior product “Rite” to your door without any inflated costs.  Setup is simple so we figured you could take care of that yourself and save $100 or more!
  • No we don’t use a zip off cover because of the Feran Ice® technology in the cover and the 3D fabric technology in the side panel. Breathability and sleeping cool are more important to us than going through the hassle of removing the cover, then trying to get it back on the mattress again. However, you can spot clean both the cover and side panel.
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