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Put your money where your mattress is

How can we deliver a mattress with so much technology “Rite” to your door at a fraction of the cost?

Throw out everything you think you know about buying a mattress because we’re about to tell you the truth. 

The main reason mattresses cost so much today is because many of the name brand manufactures are publicly traded [NYSE] and their share holders care more about profit margins and bottom lines than making a quality mattress at a fair price.

They have to inflate their margins to show high profits to their share holders. On top of that they’re selling those to a retailer who must mark the product up again in order to make a profit for their business.

Now depending on the retailer, this could be as much as 3 times what they pay the manufacturer for the mattress.

The RiteBed® and The RiteBed® Hybrid are direct to consumer mattresses that ship straight from the factory “Rite” to your door. This eliminates share holders, corporate boards, the need for high profit margins and retailers who have to pay commission to a salesman.

This allows us to produce, sell and ship The RiteBed® with the highest quality components at a fraction of the price!

So, you get to “Put your money where your Mattress is” and only where your mattress is, not where those share holders can reach it!

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