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The RiteBed®

Pressure relieving Memory Foam, Supportive Gel Latex and Cooling Feran Ice® create an amazingly comfortable foam gel mattress for deep undisturbed sleep.
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Warranty: 10 Years Full Replacement

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The RiteTouch™ Cover – Our cozy cover with Feran Ice® technology quickly wicks moisture away from your body so you sleep cool and dry.
The RiteConform™ Memory Foam [2” Layer] – Our Memory Foam Contours to your body for proper spinal alignment while relieving pressure to reduce tossing and turning.
The RiteSupport™ Gel Latex [1” Layer] – Our Latex Supports and Cradles your body while the In-fused Gel absorbs excess heat for cool undisturbed sleep.
The RiteTemp™ Foam [2” Layer] – Our Air Distribution foam works with the top layers and spacer panel to promote air flow and temperature regulation.
The RiteCore™ Foam Base [6” Layer] – Our High Density Foam Core Adds support and durability so you wake up refreshed day after day.
The RiteFlow™ Spacer Panel – Our 3D Spacer technology creates a side border up to 10 times more breathable than 2 dimensional fabrics used in traditional mattress construction.

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The RiteBed®
I think it took us a few nights to get adjusted at first but that’s just because our bodies had forgotten how to have a great night’s sleep. 
We have 4 kids ranging in age from 2 to 8 that like to come and sleep in mom and dads bed every once in a while sometimes even more than one of them and there are times when they come in our bed and we don’t even notice they’re in just because of how great this mattress is we can’t even feel them.
The RiteBed®
When I wake up in the mornings after sleeping on the ritebed I just feel better. I feel ready to attack the day to wake up refreshed ready to go. 
I think I’m getting a better quality of sleep not necessarily more sleep but a better quality of sleep. I also have trouble with getting to hot at night when I sleep. I always end up waking up in the middle of the night taking off extra covers but with the ritebed that has not been the case. The ritebed seems to stay cool and keep my body cool overnight.
The RiteBed®
We decided to go ahead and get a rite bed. After sleeping on it you know when we first got it we were like we don’t know this isn’t exactly the type of consistency bed that we wanted and then we slept on it and we thought when we got up the next morning this is it. This is the bed to end all beds.
The RiteBed®
My wife and I have been sleeping on the rite bed now for about 4 weeks and I can tell you the rite bed has made a world of difference in the way I sleep.
I used to wake up 3 maybe 4 times a night because of pain or discomfort and since I’ve been sleeping on the rite bed in fact within the first 2 or 3 nights I noticed that that pain and discomfort was gone.
The RiteBed®
We are so thankful for The RiteBed. When we first got it, I wasn't sure about it because I was so used to sleeping on a hard/really firm bed, but after a couple of nights, I really looked forward to going to bed.
My husband really liked it a lot and even had his backache start to ease up after a couple of nights. If you like a bed that will hug you as soon as you lay down, The RiteBed is for you!
The RiteBed®
This is my review of The Rite Bed that I recently purchased. I have slept better since getting my rite bed than I ever have. I wake up in the morning feeling like I have had a good night sleep. I don’t have any aches or pains at all. This bed is so comfortable. I also seem to sleep cooler than I used to.
The RiteBed®
It has taken a while for me to get used to the mattress. I am used to get in my bed and snuggling in for the night. This mattress was very hard to me, however I have gotten used to it and it is fine now. 
My fiance' on the other hand loves it. He had been wanting to get a new one. He thinks it is the best thing since sliced bread.
The RiteBed®
I would rate The RiteBed a three out of five. While it is a great mattress. Personally I need a more firm mattress than The RiteBed. It was just too soft to help with my sleeping pattern.
The RiteBed®
My Husband and I have been sleeping on The RiteBed mattress for a couple of months now. This mattress seems to meet, and/or exceed our previous sleeping experience and expectations. 
When we received the mattress in the box vacuumed sealed, we were a bit concerned. However, the instructions were very simple and explicit. The mattress “unfolded” easily and was ready to use within a short amount of time. We were impressed by the cooling technology/gel latex, this mattress is equipped with. I suffer from lower back pain and sleeping through the night seemed impossible. Due to me tossing and turning through the night, I was affecting the quality of my husbands sleep. The RiteBed mattress supports the contours of our bodies which allows for us both to get a great night’s sleep. We both sleep more comfortably and rarely wake up through the night. After much research and finally purchasing this mattress, we realized it was an excellent decision that we do not regret. We give The Rite Bed mattress the rating of 5 out 5 stars!
The RiteBed®
"I'm able to sleep all night cool and comfortably"
Warranty: 10 Years Non-Prorated
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The RiteBed