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Which Mattress is "Rite" for you

Start by figuring out what type of sleeper you are. Do you sleep primarily on your side, stomach or back?

Once you have determined how you spend most of your night, it may make your selection easier.

The RiteBed®, with its foam core, is very good at relieving pressure and allowing your body to be cradled. This reduces tossing and turning throughout the night for deep undisturbed sleep.

With little to no bounce, any companion sharing the bed with you will virtually go unnoticed. It's great for side sleepers and many back sleepers.

The RiteBed® Hybrid, with its encased coil core, is very good at contouring to your bodies natural curves for proper spinal alignment. Its support is individualized with strategically placed comfort zones.

This allows the mattress to hold you rather than cradle you. You sleep more on top of the bed and not in it, making it easier to rollover. It's great for stomach sleepers and back sleepers alike.

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